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Cultural Challenges

Cultural challenges in a global workplace, business, education and classrooms are enormous. One needs to understand and accept cultural differences at work and experience working life in different countries. The Cultural Challenges and Cross-cultural Challenges of a Networked World are enormous. The Internet is an entertainng, informative, enticing and explicit place which one could adore, despise and fear all at-once. The Internet enables children to communicate with friends and strangers exposing them to beneficial and harmful cross-cultural knowledge bringing with it many Cultural challenges. Acculturation is a process of cultural transformation initiated by contacts between different cultures.

Cultural Challenges In The Workplace

Ethnicity or national origin are often examples of cultural challenges in the workplace,best replica watches particularly where communication, language barriers or the manner in which business is conducted are obviously different. Where an employee lives or has lived can contribute to cultural challenges in the workplace. Many people would agree that there is a distinct difference between the employee from a small town and the employee from a large metropolis. There are cultural challenges attributable to employees’ generations. A diverse workplace includes employees considered traditionalists and Millennials. Each generation has distinct characteristics. 

Cultural Challenges In Education

Cultural Challenges to Education: The Influences of Cultural Factors in School Learning. Brembeck, Cole S., Ed.; Hill, Walker H., Ed. - The larger environment in which individuals live has become the arena for exploring the influence and uses of cultural values in school learning and educational decision making. The aim of this book is to explore this arena. Anthropologist Henry G. Burger discusses the assimilation of all groups into a single average Yankee, and cultural separatism and differences in value orientations with respect to how students learn and teachers teach in classrooms.

Immigrant Academics and Cultural Challenges in a Global Environment - Femi J. Kolapo.
Description: This edited volume brings together the voices of different academics to illuminate the role of culture in determining the character and quality of the social and professional lives of mobile academics. The book examines Cultural challenges in cultural diversity and the management of the heterogeneous classroom and diverse teaching and learning contexts.

Cross Cultural Challenges To Business

Cross Cultural Challenges to British Business
Some interesting statistics captured in the report,replica watches Language and culture in British business, highlight some of the main countries with which British firms are facing cross cultural challenges. The book draws upon surveys of British businesses looking at language and culture in trade, among which are the seven LNTO/CILT audits undertaken between 2000 and 2003. From the results it was discovered that companies felt the major cross cultural challenges were with Japan, France, the Middle East, China and Germany.

Cultural Challenges In Offshore Outsourcing by Stephanie Moore with Adam Brown. Misunderstandings and problems stemming from cultural differences are part of every offshore outsourcing project. In fact, in a recent CIO Magazine survey, 51% of the CIOs said that the greatest offshore outsourcing challenge is overcoming culture differences cultural challenges. Fortunately, the cultural divide can be conquered by understanding what the differences are and altering processes to accommodate them.

Overcoming the cultural challenges of company successions
Growing numbers of family-owned enterprises around the world are undergoing leadership successions as company founders depart and new owners assume control. These transitions raise financial, operational, and strategic cultural challenges that underscore the need for careful succession planning.

Cultural Challenges to Biotechnology: Native American Genetic Resources and the Concept of Cultural Harm - Rebecca A. Tsosie, Arizona State University - College of Law - Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 35, p. 396, 2007
Abstract: This article examines the intercultural context of issues related to genetic research on Native peoples. In particular, the article probes the disconnect between Western and indigenous concepts of property, ownership, and privacy, and examines the harms to Native peoples that may arise from unauthorized uses of blood and tissue samples or the information derived from such samples. The article concludes that existing legal and ethical frameworks are inadequate to address Native peoples' rights to their genetic resources and suggests an intercultural framework for accommodation based on theories of intergroup equality and fundamental human rights.

Strategic Opportunties & Cultural Challenges - Dean McFarlin, Paul Sweeney
McFarlin and Sweeney provide students with an accessible, application-oriented approach to international management, focusing on key challenges including motivation, leadership, and communication across cultural boundaries.

When Rites Are Rights: Cultural Challenges To Marriage Laws - Alison Dundes Renteln. Human Rights Dialogue: "Cultural Rights" (Human Rights Dialogue (1994-2005) Series 2 No. 12 (Spring 2005).
Marriage is a social institution designed to regulate sexual relations, preserve family ties, and protect the offspring of legal unions, depending on the cultural context. While many think of marriage as an individual choice motivated by romantic love, in many cultures marriage is conceptualized differently, such as a way to forge alliances between groups.

Cultural challenges in end-of-life care: reflections from focus groups' interviews with hospice staff in Stockholm - Ekblad, S.; Marttila, A.; Emilsson, M. - Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 31, Number 3, 1 March 2000
Abstract: Cultural challenges in end-of-life care: reflections from focus groups' interviews with hospice staff in Stockholm.
During the past few decades, Swedish society has changed from a society with a few ethnic groups to one with over a hundred groups of different ethnic backgrounds, languages and religions. As society is becoming increasingly multicultural, cultural issues cultural challenges are also becoming an important feature in health care, particularly in end-of-life care where the questions of existential nature are of great importance.