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Cultural Construction is a perspective on a subject that is shaped by cultural assumptions, rather than having a natural or objective basis. Marriage is a cultural construction: it is not biologically necessary for men and women to marry. Gender differences have now become a cultural construction. We have concepts of masculine and feminine that suggest to us how men and women should behave purely based on cultural construction, but very few of these gender differences are determined by biological sex. Race is a social construction. Race is not biological. Race is a 'culturally constructed label that crudely and imprecisely describes real variation' (Relethford 2009:20). Like race, kinship is also social and cultural construction. Social construction of reality and cultural construction of reality are aspects of interpretive theory and perspectives in sociology.

On the study of foreign philosophy in Chinese cultural construction and its future - Frontiers of Philosophy in China - Wang Xiaochao, Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University, Beijing.
Abstract Since the “Conference on Foreign Philosophy” held in Wuhu in October 1978, the study of foreign philosophy in China has undergone a prosperous stage. This article discusses the significance of the study of foreign philosophy in the context of renovation, transformation and remolding of Chinese contemporary culture, explores the role of the discipline in the context of Chinese cultural construction, and anticipates the future of this discipline. A cross-culture perspective is needed for a proper understanding of the significance of the learning and study of foreign philosophy in Chinese cultural construction; otherwise we might fall into cultural conservationism.

Williams CA (1992). Homosexuality And The Roman Man: A Study In The Cultural Construction Of Sexuality. (Volumes I And II). Ph.D. Thesis, Yale University, DAI 53:11A, p. 3894, 511 pages. 
Abstract by author: This dissertation aims to reconstruct the linguistic and cultural apparatuses for the categorization and evaluation of sexual experience between males that were shared by Romans as part of their cultural heritage.

The Cultural Construction of Mental Illness in Prison: A Perfect Storm of Pathology - Joseph D. Galanek.
Utilizes interpretivist and constructivist perspectives to analyze how mental health clinicians construct psychiatric disorder among inmates.

THE YORUBA CULTURAL CONSTRUCTION OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS AYODELE SAMUEL JEGEDE - University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Nordic Journal of African Studies 11(3): 322-335 (2002).
ABSTRACT: Nordic Journal of African Studies 11(3): 322-335 (2002).
The central thesis of this paper is that the definition of social phenomena is culturally determined, and, therefore, the explanation of health and illness is a function of culture.