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Cross-Cultural Analysis, Cultural challenges

Cross-Cultural, Inter-Cultural Studies and Multiculturalism Studies. The study of different cultures and their comparison. Cross-cultural studies are useful in the social sciences, particularly in cultural anthropology and psychology. Cross-cultural studies is a form of cross-cultural comparisons. Comparative cultural studies examine similar characteristics of a few societies whereas cross-cultural studies uses a large sample so that statistical analysis can be made to show relationships or lack of relationships between the traits.

Cross-cultural studies also called holocultural studies or comparative studies, a specialization in anthropology, sociology, economics, political science and psychology that uses ground data from different societies to examine the scope of human behavior and also test hypotheses about human behavior and culture.

Cross-Cultural International Research: Sociology and Disaster RUSSELL R. DYNES International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 6 (1988): 101-129 Abstract: Early cross-cultural studies of disasters. Intercultural is a free online resource for interculturalists and those who teach, train and/or research in intercultural communication, cross-cultural psychology, multicultural education.

Cross Cultural Funeral Rites. Discusses unique funeral and burial rites practiced by many cultural groups native or new to the US.

Problems of Racial & Ethnic Inequality Cross Cultural Perspective - South Africa: Can a Country Overcome Its History? This site traces the history of race relations in South Africa with Cross Cultural Perspectives.

Relativistic Naturalism -- A Cross-Cultural Approach to Human Science. McLoughlin proposes a new set of disciplines for human science, based on a relativist view of knowledge and a naturalist view of human nature.

Becoming Intercultural : An Integrative Theory of Communication and Cross-Cultural Adaptation by Kim, Young Yun.

Medicine Women, Curanderas and Women Doctors. This book would be appropriate reading for many: people involved in women's health care, cross-cultural and cross-religious studies, sociology, public health, medical ethics studies, women's studies.