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Crime Reduction

Crime Reduction includes research focusing on the need to incentivize crime reduction to persuade more people to take responsibility for reducing a variety of crime. Crime Reduction also includes the effects of apparently subtle strategies, such as changes to street lighting; and, anticipatory changes whereby crime seems to reduce in advance of crime reduction initiatives.

Crime Reduction Initiatives

Crime Reduction Initiatives is a registered charity in England and Wales and in Scotland. Crime Reduction Initiatives is a national provider of support, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for those whose lives are blighted by substance misuse, crime and lack of opportunity.

Crime Reduction in UK. Providing information and resources for people working to reduce crime in their local area. Information from the Home Office to support crime reduction in the UK, includes the Government's crime reduction strategy and a discussion forum.

CrimeReduction Canada focuses on immediate steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and your property from crime. There is another aspect of crime reduction and improving your community that you should consider volunteering.

Criminological theories and crime reduction planning: What academics need to provide and what policy makers need - Garrison, Arthur - Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology.
Abstract: Criminology provides insight into crime and why people act in deviant ways. But policy makers and community leaders who seek to understand why crime is occurring in their community require more than just explanations, they require answers to the question – so what do we do now? What action steps follow from the proposed theory of crime? In other words criminologists need to provide practical answers to crime reduction. The presentation will demonstrate how various criminological theories were presented to policy makers and community leaders to address the level of violence in the City of Wilmington, Delaware.

Crime Reduction Course - MSc
Nottingham Trent University
Course description: This course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, implement and evaluate a range of crime reduction strategies.

Books on Crime Reduction

Crime Reduction (Critical Concepts in Criminology) Crime Reduction (Critical Concepts in Criminology) by Kate Moss (Editor) Routledge.