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Comprador Elite are the members of a national business class of senior corporate managers who derive their position and status from connection to foreign corporations of developed nations. The term comprador elite is used in critical theories of the sociology of development to imply that a foreign-allied national business class tends to encourage local economic development that benefits other nations rather than their own. Canada's real rulers are a comprador elite. Comprador is a Spanish word used to denote a local overlord appointed by the empire to rule a colony. The term Corporate Elite  is commonly used to refer to Chairmen, CEOs and MDs of large corporations.

Allan Gotlieb is a major member of Canada's comprador elite. As ambassador to Washington under the comprador and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Allan Gotlieb was one of the movers behind "free" trade with the U.S. "Global capitalism has exfoliated the branches of history, laying bare its riot of tangled possibilities, and hacking away at those roots that nourish a socialist latency. As capital reconstitutes itself, as traditionally secure factory work is replaced by the feckless insecurity of McJobs, as the disadvantaged are cast about in the icy wind of world commodity price fluctuations, as the comprador elite expands its powerbase in the financial precincts of the postmodern necropolis, and as the White House redecorates itself in the form-fits-function architecture of neo-liberalism, capitalist hegemony digs its bony talons into the structure of subjectivity itself."

"Much of the recent evisceration of social programs and the vicious assaults against trade unions by the neo-liberal comprador elite can be traced to the 1980s, when the capitalist class was given a dose of corporate Viagra through massive deregulation policies. According to Robert Brenner (1998)"

"American colonial legacy indeed continues to bear its marks on how politicians and technocrats run the country’s state affairs. The state is captive to the interests of both the former colonial master and the local landlord-comprador elite, with the latter enjoying economic, political and military support from the former in exchange for being reliable allies of superpower America in the country as well as in the region." "In sum, as long as the state remains subservient to the interests of the US and the local landlord-comprador elite, it can never be expected to assert its sovereign will to protect national interests, much less the interests of the majority of people who are the end victims of “globalization” and internal inequities persisting in neo-colonies like the Philippines."