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Work now involves experts cooperating on projects. Such work requires collaborative community. Financial incentives and bureaucratic authority are not effective without collaborative community. We need a collaborative community based on loyalty. In a collaborative community, people must look beyond their jobs and take larger initiatives.

The Firm as a Collaborative Community: Reconstructing Trust in the Knowledge Economy by Charles Heckscher and Paul Adler. This volume explores the changing nature of community in modern corporations. Community within and between firms - the fabric of trust so essential to contemporary business - has long been based on loyalty. This loyalty has been largely destroyed by three decades of economic turbulence, downsizing, and restructuring.

Yet community is more important than ever in an increasingly complex, knowledge-intensive economy. The thesis of this volume is that a new form of community is slowly emerging - one that is more flexible and wider in scope than the community of loyalty, and that transcends the limitations of both traditional Gemeinschaft and modern Gesellschaft. We call this form collaborative community.

The trend towards collaborative community is difficult to detect amidst the ferocious forces of market and bureaucratic rationalization.