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Classless society is Marxist term. According to Marxist theory, tribal society was a classless society. Classless society is a society in which no one is born into a social class. Classless society is a society that does not have a hierarchy of different social classes. Classless society is a society in which individuals have similar resources of wealth, status and power. The building of a classless society or classless socialist society is a huge process of remolding all aspects of social life.

Is A Classless Society Possible?

Classless society is found in simple hunter-gatherer societies and also a socialist vision of a future society founded on collective ownership of the means of production. The building of a classless society or classless socialist society involves constant revolutionary change not only in the relations of production, the mode of distribution, the work process, the habits and ways of thinking of majority of people.

Is America A Classless Society?

Defenders of the myth of a classless society point to the lifestyles that Americans lead. The U.S. is based on equality of opportunity. People in the U.S. own cars, and even their own homes. They are part of the middle class, and benefit from the capitalist system. Almost all wealth in the U.S. is concentrated in the hands of the richest 10 percent of the population. the gap in income between the average CEO of a large corporation and the average worker is 531 to 1. Such a situation can never lead to a classless society. 

There are three societies that followed the classless tribal society. First, there was ancient society, in which the major class distinction was between master and slave. Then, there was feudal society, in which lord and serf played the roles of class war. The last stage of class society, is bourgeois society, or capitalism, in which it has been simplified to owner and worker. According to Marx, there should be a classless society once again at the end of the development, which would negate class society, the negation of the negation, in Hegelian terms.

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