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Sociology of Children and Childhood - Syllabus

Sociology of Children and Childhood

Sociology of Childhood Syllabus - SYA 4930 Dr. Constance L. Shehan, Professor of Sociology.

Course Objectives
To become familiar with research that describes changes in the societal definitions of childhood and children’s “place” in society.

To become aware of the methodological issues associated with research about children that puts their own perspectives at center stage.

To become more familiar with qualitative or interpretive research methods.

To acquire in-depth knowledge about the social, emotional, and economic circumstances of children’s lives today and to learn how to find valid and reliable statistical information about children on an aggregate level.

To understand more fully the differences between sociological and psychological perspectives on childhood.

To have the opportunity to read original research about children that puts their perspectives rather than adult perspectives at the center of analysis.

To become familiar with examples of cultural artifacts created by, for, or with children. 

Required Texts/Reading Materials:
Corsaro, William (2005). The Sociology of Childhood. Pine Forge Press.
Laureau, Annette (2003) Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life. University of California Press.

SOC 3700 - Sociology of Childhood
Course Description: This course explores the nature of childhood and the development and socialization of children from infancy through adolescence. Through course readings, assignments, and discussions, the course will cover the agencies and social forces that shape children. 
This course will incorporate the new Sociology of Childhood perspective, which rather than assuming that children are passive participants starts from the assumption that children are active participants who both shape and are shaped by their social world.