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Books on Population Studies and Demography

Demography at the Edge (International Population Studies) - HARDCOVER

Human Population And Demography: A Guide To Reference And Information Sources (Social Sciences) Book by Jason Xiao Yu

Arab Political Demography: Population Growth And Natalist Policies (Sussex Studies in Demographic Developments and Socioeconomic) Book by Onn Winckler

Demography: The Science of Population Book by Jay Weinstein, Vijayan K. Pillai

Demography: Measuring and Modeling Population Processes Book by Samuel H. Preston, Patrick Heuveline, Michel Guillot

Demography : The Study of Human Population David Yaukey, Douglas L. Anderton

Success or Failure? Family Planning Programs in the Third World (Studies in Population and Urban Demography) Book by Donald J. Hernandez

Asian Population History (International Studies in Demography) Book by Cuirong Liu, James Lee, David Sven Reher, Osamu Saito, Wang Feng, Ts'Ui-Jung Liu (Editors)

The Demography of African Americans 1930-1990 (Plenum Series - Demographic Methods and Population Analysis) I.T. Elo, S.H. Preston, Mark E. Hill, Ira Rosenwaike

Population and Poverty in the Developing World (International Studies in Demography)
Book by Massimo Livi Bacci, Gustavo De Santis, Massimo Livi-Bacci (Editors)

Population Health and Aging: Strengthening the Dialogue between Epidemiology and Demography Book by Maxine Weinstein, Albert I. Hermalin, Michael A. Stoto

Demography of the Black Population in the United States : An Annotated Bibliography with a Review Essay Book by Jamshid A. Momeni

Population and Ethno-Demography in Vietnam Book by Dien Khong, Khong Dien

Formal Demography (The Plenum Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis) Book by David P. Smith