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Social Structure

Social Structures Book by John Levi Martin - John Levi Martin closely examines social structures..

Social Structure & Mobility in Economic Development Neil J. Smelser, Seymour Martin Lipset

The Social Structures Of The Economy Book by Pierre Bourdieu

Transition from School to Work: Individual Life Courses Within Social Structures (Issues In Education) Book by Chew Siew Ghee

Marginality, Power and Social Structure : Issues in Race, Class, and Gender Analysis (Research in Race and Ethnic Relations) Book by Rutledge Dennis

Change And Stability: Cross-national Analysis Of Social Structure And Personality Melvin L. Kohn

The Social Structure of Postindustrial Societies : From Classes and Strata to Social Milieus and Lifestyles Book by Stefan Hradil

Human Behavior and the Larger Social Environment : A New Synthesis Book by Miriam McNown Johnson, Rita Rhodes

Social Structure and Party Choice in Western Europe : A Comparative Longitudinal Study Book by Oddbjorn Knutsen

Drug And Alcohol Consumption As Functions Of Social Structures: A Cross-cultural Sociology (Mellen Studies in Sociology) Book by James E. Hawdon, James Hawdon

Inequality: Structures, Dynamics and Mechanisms : Essays in Honor of Aage B. Sorensen (Research in Social Stratification and Mobility) Book by Arne L. Kalleberg, Stephen L. Morgan, John Myles, Rachel A. Rosenfeld

The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure Brian Skyrms' study of ideas of cooperation and collective action.