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The Sources of Social Power (History of Social Power from the beginning to AD 1760) - Michael Mann

Nuclear Power and Social Power Book by Rick Eckstein

Appropriating Technology: Vernacular Science and Social Power Book by Ron Eglash, Jennifer L. Croissant, Giovanna Di Chiro, Rayvon Fouché (Editors)

Demeaned but Empowered: The Social Power of the Urban Poor in Jamaica Obika Gray

Bullying and Teasing : Social Power in Children's Groups Book by Gayle L. Macklem

Social Power and the CEO: Leadership and Trust in a Sustainable Free Enterprise System Book by Elliott Jaques

Dangerous Diagnostics : The Social Power of Biological Information Book by Dorothy Nelkin, Laurence Tancredi

Social Power and Legal Culture: Litigation Masters in Late Imperial China by Melissa MacAuley

The State and Social Power in Global Environmental Politics Ronnie D. Lipschutz, Ken Conca

The Dark Zone: Groundwater, Irrigation, Politics and Social Power in North Gujarat Anjal Prakash

Frustrated Fellowship: The Black Baptist Quest for Social Power James Melvin Washington

Dark Ghetto: Dilemmas of Social Power Book by Kenneth Bancroft Clark

Bible-Carrying Christians: Conservative Protestants and Social Power David Harrington Watt

Mrs. Astor's New York : Money and Social Power in a Gilded Age Book by Eric Homberger

Politics in Place : Social Power Relations in an Australian Country Town  Book by Ian Gray

Social Power and Everyday Class Relations: Agrarian Transformation in North Bihar Book by Anand Chakravarti

Social Power and the Turkish State Book by Michael Mann (Foreword), Tim Jacoby