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Books On Minority Problems

Minority Problems, Minority Group

Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Minority Rights Stephen May, Tariq Modood, Judith Squires

Handbook of Racial and Ethnic Minority Psychology
Book by Guillermo Bernal, Joseph E. Trimble, Ann Kathleen Burlew, Frederick T. L. Leong

United by Faith: The Multiracial Congregation as an Answer to the Problem of Race
Book by Curtiss Paul Deyoung, Michael O. Emerson, George Yancey, Karen Chai Kim

Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Among Sexual Minority Women: Rising Like the Phoenix Book by Kimberly F., PhD. Balsan (Editor), Kimberly F. Balsam (Editor)

Sexual Minorities: Discrimination, Challenges, and Development in America
Book by Michael J Sullivan (Editor)

Dislocating China : Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects Dru C. Gladney

The Quest for Identity: From Minority Groups to Generation Xers by Donald M. Taylor

Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Children
Book by Richard Williams (Foreword), Kedar Nath Dwivedi (Editor)