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Critical Criminology, Classical Criminology, Crime, Post-Critical Criminology, Crime Reduction

Critical Voices in Criminology by David Christopher Powell - Book Link

Cutting the Edge: Current Perspectives in Radical/Critical Criminology and Criminal Justice by Jeffrey Ian Ross - Book Link

The Critical Criminology Companion by Thalia Anthony - Book Link

Critical Criminology: Issues, Debates, Challenges by Kerry Carrington and Russell Hogg - Book Link

Primer in Radical Criminology: Critical Perspectives on Crime, Power and Identity, Fourth Edition by Michael J. Lynch and Raymond Michalowski - Book Link

Controversies in Critical Criminology by Marti Schwartz - Book Link

The New Primer in Radical Criminology: Critical Perspectives on Crime, Power and Identity by Michael J. Lynch, Raymond J. Michalowski, and W. Byron Groves - Book Link

Erich Fromm and Critical Criminology: BEYOND THE PUNITIVE SOCIETY by Kevin Anderson and Richard Quinney - Book Link

Philosophy, Crime, and Criminology (Critical Perspectives in Criminology) by Bruce A. Arrigo and Christopher R. Williams - Book Link

Critical Criminology at the Edge: Postmodern Perspectives, Integration, and Applications by Dragan Milovanovic - Book Link

Organized Crime (Critical Concepts in Criminology) by Federico Varese - Book Link

Private Prisons in America: A Critical Race Perspective (Critical Perspectives in Criminology) by Michael A. Hallett and Randall Shelden - Book Link

Restorative Justice (Critical Concepts in Criminology) by Carolyn Hoyle - Book Link

Crime Reduction (Critical Concepts in Criminology) Crime Reduction (Critical Concepts in Criminology) (Hardcover) by Kate Moss (Editor) Routledge; 1 edition.