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Culture of Poverty Thesis

Soulside : Inquiries into Ghetto Culture and Community. - Ulf Hannerz

The War Against the Poor: The Underclass and Antipoverty Policy - Herbert J. Gans

Through My Own Eyes: Single Mothers and the Cultures of Poverty
Susan Holloway, Bruce Fuller, Marylee F. Rambaud, Costanza Eggers-Pierola

The Price of Poverty: Money, Work, and Culture in the Mexican-American Barrio
Daniel Dohan

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class : The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change (Sage Masters in Modern Social Thought) - Joseph F. Healey

The culture-of-poverty thesis and African Americans: the work of Gunnar Myrdal and other institutionalists.: An article from: Journal of Economic Issues

The value orientation test: An exploration of the culture of poverty thesis using a new projective instrument (Center research and development report)

A test of the homogeneity thesis of the culture of poverty theory: Characteristics of disadvantaged farm families (Tech. bul. / North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station).