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Literature, Culture And Society Book by Andrew Milner

Sociology of Literature Book by Robert Escarpit

The Sociology of Literature Book by Diana. Laurenson

For the People by the People? Eugene Sue's Les Mysteres de Paris--A Hypothesis in the Sociology of Literature, Christopher Prendergast

The Psychology and Sociology of Literature: In Honor of Elrud Ibsch (Utrecht Publications in General and Comparative Literature) Elrud Ibsch, Dick H. Schram, Gerard Steen (Editor)

Literature and Society: The Function of Literary Sociology in Comparative Literature (New Comparative Poetics) Book by Bart Keunen (Editor), Bart Eeckhout (Editor)

Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a 'Post'-Colonial World (ASNEL Papers 9.2; Cross/Cultures 79) Geoffrey V. Davis; Peter H. Marsden; Bénédicte Ledent; Marc Delrez

Crime in Literature: Sociology of Deviance and Fiction by Vincenzo Ruggiero, Jonathan Rée

A History of Sociology in Britain: Science, Literature, and Society Book by A. H. Halsey

Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English (Sociology of Law and Crime) (Hardcover) Book by Eugene Benson, L. W. Conolly (Editor) How the process of colonization affects literature.

On Symbols and Society (Heritage of Sociology Series) Kenneth Burke, Joseph R. Gusfield (Editor)

Towards Tragedy/Reclaiming Hope: Literature, Theology and Sociology in Conversation Book by Richard K. Fenn (Foreword), Douglas Gwyn, Rachel Muers, Brian Phillips, Richard E. Sturm, Pink Dandelion (Editor)

Between Literature and Science : The Rise of Sociology (Ideas in Context) Book by Wolf Lepenies, Quentin Skinner (Series Editor), Lorraine Daston (Series Editor), Dorothy Ross (Series Editor), James Tully (Series Editor), R. J. Hollingdale (Translator)

Nationalism and Literature : The Politics of Culture in Canada and the United States (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies) Book by Sarah M. Corse, Jeffrey C. Alexander (Series Editor), Steven Seidman (Series Editor)

Literature and Society Book by Chih-p'ing Chou, Ying Wang, Xuedong Wang
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