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Sociology of Law - KINDLE EDITION

Sociology of Law: Visions of a Scholarly Tradition - HARDCOVER

Blackwell Companion to Law and Society (Blackwell Companions to Sociology) Austin Sarat

Habermas on Law and Democracy: Critical Exchanges (Philosophy, Social Theory, and the Rule of Law) Book by Michel Rosenfeld (Editor), Andrew Arato (Editor)

The Sociology of Law: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives - A. Javier Trevino, Javier A. Trevino

Social Context and Social Location in the Sociology of Law - by Gayle M. Macdonald (Editor)

The Sociology of Law - Book by R. B. Cotterrell, Roger Cotterrell

Law and Society (7th Edition) Book by Steven Vago

A Primer in the Sociology of Law Book by Dragan Milovanovic

Marxism and Law (Marxist Introductions) Book by Hugh Collins

Interrogating Incest: Feminism, Foucault and the Law (Sociology of Law and Crime) by Vikki Bell

Law in Our Lives: An Introduction - Book by David O. Friedrichs - Law in Our Lives provides a broad, interdisciplinary "mapping" of the nature of law as a social institution.

The Oldest Social Science?: Configurations of Law and Modernity (Oxford Socio-Legal Studies) Timothy Murphy, W. T. Murphy

The Common Place of Law : Stories from Everyday Life (Chicago Series in Law and Society) Patricia Ewick, Susan S. Silbey

The Law and Society Reader: Readings on the Social Study of Law
Book by Lawrence Meir Friedman, Stewart MacAulay, John A. Stookey (Editors)

A General Jurisprudence of Law and Society (Oxford Socio-Legal Studies)
Book by Brian Z. Tamanaha

Foucault and Law : Towards a Sociology of Law as Governance (Law and Social Theory) Book by Alan Hunt, Gary Wickham

An Introduction to the Sociology of Law (Law and Society Series.)
Book by Nicholas S. Timasheff, A. Javier Trevino

Sociology of Law (Law and Society Series) Book by Georges Gurvitch, Alan Hunt

Sociology of Law: A Social-Structural Perspective
Book by William M. Evan

Fundamental Principles of the Sociology of Law (Law and Society Series) Book by Eugen Ehrlich, Klaus A. Ziegert, Roscoe Pound (Introduction)

Jurisprudence As Ideology (Sociology of Law and Crime) Book by Valerie Kerruish

Child Custody and the Politics of Gender (Sociology of Law and Crime Series) Book by Carol Smart, Selma Sevenhuijsen (Editor)

The Sociology of Law and Criminology (International Library of Sociology)

Crime: An Analytical Appraisal: The Sociology Of Law And Criminology (International Library of Sociology) Manuel Lopez-Rey

Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition
Book by Donald R. Kelley

Law and Society: Critical Approaches Book by Gerald Turkel
This book presents a critical approach to issues in law and society. It is concerned with defining how the rule of law has changed as a result of changes in the economy; the development of social movements in the U.

Punish and Critique: Towards a Feminist Analysis of Penality (Sociology of Law and Crime) Book by Adrian Howe

Thinking About Law: Perspectives on the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law Book by Rosemary Hunter, Richard Ingleby, Richard Johnstone (Editors)

Limited Responsibilities: Social Movements and Criminal Justice (Sociology of Law and Crime) Book by Tamar Pitch, John Lea

Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza Book by Lisa Hajjar

Law/Society: Origins, Interactions, and Change (Sociology for a New Century Series) Book by John R. Sutton

Jurismania Book by Paul Campos, Paul F. Campos