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Biotechnology has surpassed the limits of human endeavour and enterprise. Life is no longer in God's domain. Man is entering the territory of the Almighty - rvp

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'Female sperm' and 'male eggs' from skin cells may be possible. Katsuhiko Hayashi of Kyoto University in Japan and professor Mitinori Saitou used skin cells from mice to create primordial germ cells or PGCs. These cells were then developed into both sperm and eggs.

World's first 'designer baby' soon

Los Angeles (IANS): A fertility clinic here has fulfilled Adolf Hitler's dream of creating a "dream race.''

The Los Angeles Fertility Institutes of Dr Jeff Steinberg who had a key role in the birth of the world's first test-tube baby Louise Brown in Britain in 1978, says it is ready to deliver the first 'designer baby' next year.

Using a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the clinic says it will allow would-be parents to choose the gender, skin, eye and hair colour and other physical traits of their babies. The institute, which claims to be already using the PGD technique for selection of gender will now extend it to choose genetic traits of offspring.

Ethical Issues

The impact of biotechnology is enormous, encompassing the physical and the metaphysical world. Religious pigheads are obstructing everything that seems to take away the powers of God. Though biotechnology will help improve the quality of life, the ethical issues raise a lot of debate and opposition.

The cultural debates over biotechnology are because of the fears deep within the society's psyche. The media frenzy over surrogacy, cloning and organ transplantation. The media also raises questions like can a child have two mothers?

Because of detection of genetic predispositions an individual's prospects in life can be figured out at birth. The ethical questions arise as to privacy and the impact of such knowledge on the individual's life. What is required is vigilance not paranoia.

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