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There is an assumption of offender deficit (psychological) when there is an offence committed by a citizen. In assumption of offender deficit it is assumed that offenders against the law have some psychological deficit that distinguishes them from normal law abiding citizens. To better address treatment linkages and case-specific strategies for offender supervision, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections developed the Client Management Classification (CMC) tool as a supplement to its risk assessment. The Wisconsin Risk and Needs tools provided separate ratings of the offender's risk of criminal recidivism and a score indicating the severity of the offender's deficit areas. The CMC took the form of a structured interview, the outcome of which assigned offenders to one of five differential casework treatment modalities.

"Unless I help to get it right then someone who is hurting people might very well stay out there, continuing to hurt them." - Paul Britton, the man known as 'The Real Cracker', is perhaps the UK's leading psychological profiler.

"If he did not in fact relish cruelty, it would only be because of some psychological deficit that made him insensitive to the feelings of others" - Clement Greenberg: A Life. - ArtForum, 1998 Arthur C. Danto.

His psychological deficit has predisposed him to conduct of the kind which resulted in his conviction. - JACOBUS PETRUS SMITH and THE STATE - THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEAL OF SOUTH AFRICA

What horrifying psychological deficit is this a symptom of? Or if it is just machismo, and that urge itself is rooted firmly in the evolutionary directive of impressing your mate, why do I find myself contorting my face into the mirror every morning, a narcissistic audience of one? - Cody Farthing.