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Alva Myrdal

Alva Myrdal (31 January 1902 – 1 February 1986) was a Swedish sociologist, diplomat and politician. She was a prominent leader of the disarmament movement. She, along with Alfonso Garcia Robles, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982. She married Gunnar Myrdal in 1924. Myrdal promoted reforms in child care and later became a government commission on women's work and chair of the Federation of Business and Professional Women. She stressed that there were material obstacles in the way of being able to access a good education. Therefore, social and economic reforms were needed.

Alva Myrdal participated in the creation of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, becoming the first Chairman of the governing board in 1966. In 1967 Alva Myrdal was also named consultative Cabinet minister for disarmament, an office she held until 1973. Alva Myrdal also wrote the acclaimed book The Game of Disarmament, originally published in 1976. A vocal supporter of disarmament, Myrdal received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982 together with Alfonso Garcia Robles. In 1983 Alva Myrdal effectively ended the heated controversy over the future of Adolf Fredrik's Music School. Alva Myrdal figures among eminent sociologists of the world.