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Longevity Increased by Positive Self-Perceptions of Aging - Becca R. Levy and Martin D. Slade - Yale Univ., Suzanne R. Kunkel - Miami University, Stanislav V. Kasl - Yale University, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

This research found that older individuals with more positive self-perceptions of aging, measured up to 23 years earlier, lived 7.5 years longer than those with less positive self-perceptions of aging. This advantage remained after age, gender, socioeconomic status, loneliness, and functional health were included as covariates. It was also found that this effect is partially mediated by will to live.

What is Sociology of Aging and the Life Course? - Sociology of Aging and the Life Course provides an analytical framework for understanding the interplay between human lives and changing social structures. Its mission is to examine the interdependence between (a) aging over the life course as a social process and (b) societies and groups as stratified by age, with succession of cohorts as the link connecting the two.

Concerns for the aging population in NC ENDURING INEQUITIES IN LATER LIFE.

Explicit, evidence-based criteria to assess the quality of prescribing to elderly nursing home residents C. Alice Oborne, Richard Hooper, Cameron G. Swift, and Stephen H. D. Jackson.

The effect of education on knowledge and management of elder abuse: a randomized controlled trial Barbora Richardson, Ginnette Kitchen, and Gill Livingston.

Impact of a dedicated syncope and falls facility for older adults on emergency beds - Rose A. Kenny, Dermot O'Shea, and Heather F. Walker.

Are older people willing to give up their place in the queue for cardiac surgery to a younger person? Ann Bowling, Aldo Mariotto, and Olga Evans.

Unplanned readmission to hospital: a comparison of the views of general practitioners and hospital staff - Ben Pearson, Robert Skelly, Derek Wileman, and Tahir Masud.

Age and sex-related bias in the management of heart disease in a district general hospital - Nigel J. Dudley, Ann Bowling, Matthew Bond, Dorothy McKee, Marie McClay Scott, Adrian Banning, Andrew T. Elder, A. Tony Martin, and Iva Blackman.

The Ageing of the World's Population - Over the past few years, the world's population has continued on its remarkable transition path from a state of high birth and death rates to one characterized by low birth and death rates. At the heart of that transition has been the growth in the number and proportion of older persons. Such a rapid, large and ubiquitous growth has never been seen in the history of civilization.

The theory of gerotranscendence in brief - The development of the new theory of gerotranscendence has been described by Tornstam (1989, 1994). With points of departure from own studies as well as from theories and observations of others I have suggested that human aging, the very process of living into old age, is characterized by a general potential towards gerotranscendence. Simply put, gerotranscendence is a shift in meta perspective, from a materialistic and rational view of the world to a more cosmic and transcendent one, normally accompanied by an increase in life satisfaction.

Aging is a universal phenomenon that adversely affects human beings. Gerontology is the branch of science that deals with old age, the ageing process, and the problems faced by old people in general and in society.

The study of gerontology provides students with knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of aging and adult development.